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Machining, spark machining

ALSENAM is equipped from the following processes: milling, lapping, spark machining and grinding, thus able to carry out finishing operations internally and to manufacture elementary parts.
Machining, spark machining - ALSENAM

In order to make its supply chain more effective, ALSENAM has acquired several milling centers.

Most often, the ALSENAM milling centres are reserved for finishing work and the repair of high precision boilerwork parts, in particular parts that are subject to very narrow dimensional tolerances, strict surface condition requirements, difficult radii, etc. In this context, ALSENAM also has grinding, lapping and spark machining (wire cutting) resources.

Mechanically welded unit - Fragile parts

The ALSENAM milling workshops produce elementary parts for mechanically welded units internally. In particular fragile parts, such as aluminium frames that require specific know-how in terms of part picking to limit warping.

ALSENAM has CAD/CAM software which, combined with a palletised 4 axis milling machine, is used to produce small series of complex parts.

Mechanically welded unit - Fragile parts - ALSENAM

Sheet metal work / Machining

Opposite is an example of a mechanically welded part that assembles elements milled in their mass and elements produced from sheet metal (field: Aeronautics & Defence)

Thanks to its expertise in both sheet metal work and machining, ALSENAM can advise you in the design of your parts in order to optimise material costs while guaranteeing part functionality.

Sheet metal work / Machining - ALSENAM