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Specialised in fine sheet metal work and complex mechanical welding assemblies.
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ALSENAM designs, industrialises, produces and repairs complex mechanical sub-assemblies using a wide variety of trades: fine sheet metal work, mechanical welding, die stamping, punching, folding, boilerwork, piping work, milling, spark machining, laser welding, heat treatment, dye penetrant testing, etc. ALSENAM mainly operates in the fields of Aeronautics, Space and Defence.

Precision mechanical welding

Thanks to the wide variety of trades present in its workshops, ALSENAM is in an ideal position to carry out complex mechanically welded part projects. The shaped metals and alloys are aluminium, stainless steels, super-alloys, inconel, titanium, copper, brass, Mu-metal, etc. The technology used includes engineering and industrialisation, cutting, boilerwork, die-stamping, folding, thermal treatment, welding (TIG, Laser, resistance spot), bending, assembly and NDT.

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Precision mechanical welding - ALSENAM

Aerostructure sub-assemblies

As a partner of the major players in Aeronautics, ALSENAM produces aerostructure sub-assemblies, from the simplest to the most complex.

ALSENAM is qualified by key customers for special assembly processes: riveting, metallisation, electrical conductivity testing, etc.

Aerostructure sub-assemblies

Aviation boilerwork for high temperature environments

ALSENAM has an extensive experience in using hard metals to manufacture hot parts, in particular for engines: engine support, jet nozzle, guard, combustion chamber. ALSENAM has been qualified by key customers for associated special techniques such as: cutting, machining of critical zones, welding, dye penetrant testing, X-ray testing, etc. The destructive and non-destructive test laboratory, the boilerwork staff’s knowledge of these materials, make it possible for ALSENAM to fulfil the most demanding specifications.

Aviation boilerwork for high temperature environments - ALSENAM

Sheet metal part prototyping

The agile organisation and the wide variety of know-hows within ALSENAM makes it possible to produce single metallic parts, such as propotype or mini-series. ALSENAM produces prototypes designed by its customers, but also advises them during the design phase.

ALSENAM accompanies several schools and research centres, contributing to the early stages of their projects, with its expertise in sheet metal work, boilerwork and welding. 

Sheet metal part prototyping - ALSENAM

Repair, MRO

ALSENAM helps its customers with their part appraisal and repair requirements. ALSENAM advises on the choice and implementation of destructive and non-destructive testing (dye penetrant, X-ray, dimensional, leak testing) and carries out repairs on a wide range of materials: stainless steel, inconel, titanium, aluminium, etc. ALSENAM works on welding, dimensional conformity adjustments, straightening, element replacement (clamps, bossing, fins, etc.), milling repairs, riveting assembly, nitrogen insertion, and the control of the specific subcontracting chain.


Réparation, MCO, MRO

ALSENAM accompagne ses clients dans leurs besoins d’expertise et de réparation de pièces. ALSENAM conseille sur le choix et mise en œuvre des contrôles destructifs et non destructifs (ressuage, radiographie, dimensionnel, étanchéité) et assure la réparation sur une large gamme de matière : inox, inconel, titane, aluminium… ALSENAM intervient sur le soudage, la mise en conformité dimensionnelle, le redressage, le changement d’éléments (brides, bossages, ailettes…), la reprise d’usinage, l’assemblage par rivetage, l’emmanchement à l’azote, et maîtrise la chaîne de sous-traitance spécifique.

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Réparation, MCO, MRO - ALSENAM