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ALSENAM is certified ISO 9001, EN 9100 and NADCAP for welding, non-destructive testing and laser cutting.

ALSENAM's certifications

Non-destructive test laboratory

The ALSENAM non-destructive test laboratory carries out NADCAP certified fluorescent dye penetrant testing up to S4 level, as well as NADCAP certified X-ray testing. The ALSENAM quality manager is certified as per COFREND COSAC Level 3 (PT/RT), the lab staff are certified as per COFREND COSAC Level 2 (PT/RT).

ALSENAM controls its own production and also provides testing services as a contractor.

Non-destructive test laboratory - ALSENAM

Dimensional checking

To carry out dimensional checks, ALSENAM has 2 three-dimensional measuring machines (max dimensions 1000 × 1500 × 800), FARO laser measuring arm and ROMER tubing measuring arm.

In addition, ALSENAM is equipped for the pressure test (hydraulic and pneumatic) – Power max 330 bars, and for metallographic analysis: macroscopy, microscopy.

Dimensional checking - ALSENAM