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Engineering and industrialisation

ALSENAM offers a complete solution from co-design through manufacturing and repair. ALSENAM provides you with technical support throughout the product life cycle.

ALSENAM builds a partnership with its customers starting from the design phase of series parts.  This design-to-cost support makes possible a 20 to 50% reduction of the recurrent and non-recurrent costs. ALSENAM addresses both dimensional and metallurgical aspects, and offers Build to Spec or Build to Print solutions. ALSENAM also provides a specific engineering and production line for small series as from qty 1, enabling a quick and cheap prototype delivery.

End of life product / Legacy products

Service for products at the end of their service life, spare parts, replacement parts: ALSENAM supports its customers who need to rebuild the technical definition and documentation.

ALSENAM expertise in this field covers the following aspects: re-industrialisation of old products at an optimised cost, retro-engineering (laser scanning, CAD reconstruction), obsolescence and technical alternative management, reconstruction of geometrical definitions, metallurgical engineering (choice of grades and NDTs to implement) and product specification.

End of life product / Legacy products - ALSENAM

Finishing of 3D printed parts

ALSENAM is specialised in the finishing operations on products made from additive manufacturing. The expertise in finish milling, in the development of assembly techniques and product characterisation allows ALSENAM to meet the requirements of the manufacturers and design offices that use this technology.

3D Printing - ALSENAM

Maquette de soudage pour conduits et tuyauterie

ALSENAM est autonome dans la conception et réalisation de maquettes de soudage pour conduits et tuyauterie (sommiers à section)