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Welding: TIG, Laser YAG, Inert Gas

ALSENAM experts in welding and metallurgy help you choose the best welding technique for your project.
Welding: TIG, Laser YAG, Inert Gas - ALSENAM

The main knowledge of ALSENAM is the control and expertise of various welding techniques, suitable for a wide range of metals and alloys : aluminium, stainless steels, inconel, titanium… Whatever your project is, ALSENAM IWS engineers will help you choose and implement the best and most adapted technique : butt-welding, transmission welding, welding with or without filler metal, chamber welding…

The 3 workshops totalise 14 welding stations, an equipment for automatic welding, an equipment for orbital TIG welding, as well as several spot welding machines when deformation is to be avoided.

Laser welding

ALSENAM is also equipped with a YAG laser welding equipment with 6 axis, by Trumpf. Laser welding has many advantages: the heat-affected zone (HAZ) is reduced. As for issues regarding the aspect of the parts, laser welding has aesthetic advantages: there is less colouring and the laser bead is precise and thin. Laser welding avoids deformation. In terms of competitiveness, laser welding is fast, has good repeatability and reduces the need to rework after welding.

Laser welding - ALSENAM

Inert gas titanium welding

Some metals and alloys, including titanium, require specific welding know-how. The aim is to limit the increase of the fragility of the material, which occurs by adding fillers and deformation. This is why ALSENAM has several closed chambers to carry out titanium welding under inert gas. The cleanliness of the metals and equipment and the control of the purity of the gases are the essential factors to the success of these operations. Other technical solutions are proposed for titanium welding on large parts.

Inert gas titanium welding - ALSENAM

Welding for Aeronautics

ALSENAM welders are ISO 24934 qualified. ALSENAM is qualified by the key Aeronautics players for special techniques related to welding and welding controls.

The health and sealing efficiency of the welded zones are controlled in ALSENAM non-destructive testing laboratory : X-Ray test, Penetrant test, pressure test, metallographic analysis. The non-destructive laboratory is also dedicated to MRO MCO operations: analysis and control of your parts before and after weld repairs.

Welding for Aeronautics - ALSENAM