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ALSENAM building

ALSENAM specializes in fine sheet metal work and complex welded assemblies.

ALSENAM designs, industrialises, manufactures and repairs complex mechanical sub-assemblies using a wide range of skills: sheet metal forming, boiler making, piping, machining, welding.


ALSENAM headquarters are located in Mérignac near Bordeaux in France, with 69 employees including 7 in the methods department and 53 in production, logistics and control.

The Narcastet site near Pau in France has 68 employees including 12 in the methods department and 46 in production, logistics and control.

ALSENAM Best Cost facility is located in Sousse, Tunisia, and has 20 employees in the production, logistics and control department.


ALSENAM, short for ALcen Service Expertise NArcastet Mérignac, is the result of the merger of SERCS and ASTF on 1st January 2017. Both companies were already part of the ALCEN group high technology materials division. Our customers have been loyal to us for 40 years.

SERCS – Société d’Etudes et Réalisations Chaudronnerie Soudure – was founded in Narcastet, near Pau, in 1976. It is known for the design, production and repair of high-value-added parts made from stainless steel, refractory materials and titanium, for aeronautics (engine manufacturers).

ASTF Aéro Service Tôlerie Fine – was founded in Mérignac, near Bordeaux – in 1983. It specializes in complex mechanical sub-assemblies, made from aluminum tubes and fine sheet metal, for aeronautics (aircraft structures and onboard systems).

ASTF Tunisia was founded in Sousse, in 2008, as an offshore workshop for ASTF Mérignac.

These 3 workshops are now grouped together and called ALSENAM.