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Fine boilerwork and die stamping

Manual shaping by our qualified boilerwork teams, and/or shaping on our die stamping equipments.
Fine boilerwork and die stamping - ALSENAM

ALSENAM is specialised in boilerwork for aeronautics. Each of th three ALSENAM production sites, in Mérignac (Gironde, France), in Narcastet (Pyrénées Atlantiques, France) and in Sousse (Tunisia), have a fine boilerwork workshop equipped with die stamping presses, shaping presses, folding machines, heat treatment furnaces, and the equipment required for manual shaping.

Fine boilerwork

ALSENAM teams of boilerworkers are experienced in shaping both light alloys and hard metals, to produce your most complex parts from sheet metal.

ALSENAM focusses on developing its skills and creating loyalty around them. ALSENAM is an approved boilerwork training centre. 

Fine boilerwork - ALSENAM

Die stamping

ALSENAM has five die-stamping presses, either single or double action, with a power of up to 400 tons. These presses are completed by 3 heat treatment furnaces.

ALSENAM has been qualified by the key aviation industry players for the heat treatment required to shape certain grades of metal (hot folding, quenched folding). 

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Die stamping - ALSENAM


ALSENAM has acquired specific experience in shaping small-sized parts using thin sheet metal (starting from 50 µm). The materials worked are atypical and require specific know-how: silver, tantalum, Mo-Rh, nickel, etc.

These parts are produced in a clean environment and delivered cleaned and decontaminated.

Micro-boilerwork - ALSENAM