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Fine sheet metal work

ALSENAM works fine and medium thickness sheet metal from a wide range of grades and complies with very narrow dimensional tolerances.
Fine sheet metal work - ALSENAM

ALSENAM manufactures elementary parts and sub-assemblies from sheet metal. Specialised in precision fine sheet metal work, ALSENAM works the following materials: Aluminum, Stainless steel, Super-Alloys, Inconel, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Mu-metal.

ALSENAM technologies for cutting cover the following: 2D and 3D laser cutting, die stamping, EDM (Electric Discharge Machining). The sheet metal is shaped by folding, cold and hot forming, die stamping and fine boiler work. The heat treatment is made in our own facilities.

Assembly and fitting

ALSENAM equips and assembles the elementary parts manufactured in its workshops and integrates metallic or composite components, whether purchased by ALSENAM or supplied by the customer. ALSENAM manages a supply chain of over 50 qualified suppliers of special processes. 

For the more complicated parts, ALSENAM adjusting workshops are organised into dedicated production units, in an adapted environment enabling a flawless finish after riveting, fastening, wet fastening.

Assembly and fitting - ALSENAM

Aeronautics, Space, Defence

The major companies have qualified ALSENAM for special processes such as riveting, wet fasteners installation, electrical bonding, measure of electrical conductivity... Thanks to its expertise with riveting fine sheet metal, ALSENAM supports you in selecting the appropriate fasteners and rivets. 

Aeronautics, Space, Defence - ALSENAM